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• We use a compact and portable Wacker Neuson E700 M surface heater.

• Please, contact us and ask for our thawing and surface heating services!

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Case study

There was a flooded street gully next to an underpass. Our intention was to install an overflow pipe but due to the frozen ground we couldn’t excavate. We needed to thaw the ground around the pedestrian passage and ditch area. It was easy to take the compact Wacker Neuson E700 M surface heater on the site.

Setting up the surface heater is quick. The machine is quiet and works effectively with its own compressor.


There is an up to 80C liquid mixture flowing in the hose which effectively thaws even deeply frozen ground.

ROudansulatuslaitteen lämmän säätö

We can also thaw frozen ground in challenging weather conditions.

Roudansulatuslaitteen letkuissa virtaa jopa 80 asteinen nesteseos

The hot hose is spread on the surface to be thawed.

Roudan sulatus onnistuu helposti suurellekin alueelle.

The ground under the hose begins to thaw fast.

Roudan sulattamista

It’s possible to thaw even sloping surfaces.

Roudan sulattaminen onnistuu helposti myös kaltevista pinnoista.

We can efficiently thaw the ground around a flooded gully.

Routa alkaa sulaa tehokkaasti

There is enough hose for thawing large areas.


The most effective thawing is achieved by covering the hot hoses with insulating mats.

Roudansulatusletkut peitellään jotta sulatus olisi mahdollisimman tehokas

If needed, a traffic route can be built on the spot.

Tarvittaessa peiteltyjen roudansulatusletkujen päälle rakennetaan kulkutie

The ground thaws quickly and the traffic flows.

Kevyenliikenteen kulku onnistuu roudan sulatuksesta huolimatta

Safety and first class finish with thorough attention to the detail are significant values to us.

The machine thaws the ground in approximately 48 hours. After that the covering hoses can be taken away and excavating the ground is easy.

Peitteiden alla routa sulaa parissa päivässä


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